Top 10 Anime Sites to Watch and Download Anime Episodes

As a mention of your favorite anime, you should be familiar with One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Death Note and so on. What are the best anime sites for anime episodes that watch and download? Kissanime is the most popular anime site to watch for free. If you have no idea about the other anime sites, you can now learn more details from the article.


As said, Kissanime is one of the most frequently used anime sites for anime 70 and 80 shows. The anime site contains all the anime in 240P, 480P, 720P and 1080P, you can watch anime online and download them in high quality. After subscribing to the Kpoint service, you can take advantage of the ad-free web service and download anime from this download site for playback on mobile devices. But the problem with Kissanime should be the headache for anime fans, you can check the other anime website as an alternative solution.

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AnimeHaven is another anime download site that offers high definition anime and anime videos for free. You can easily get the animated series or movies you want with the alphabetic mode of the anime site. When you access the recent post, you can check the latest update of the anime shows. You can always enjoy the high quality anime series with a frequent update of the anime website. Most importantly, the website is compatible with mobile devices, that is, you can always enjoy your favorite animated series on your smartphone or tablet anywhere.

Animefreak is a dubbed English anime site that allows you to watch anime online for free. Of course, if you are looking for anime with your language, you can also find anime videos with subtitles in your language. The anime site is at the service of 10000 anime episodes and adds new souls every day. There are several categories of anime that help you search for your favorite anime shows with ease. If you want to watch anime with an Android phone, you can also download the Animefreak app from Google Play.

Hulu Anime

You must have heard of Hulu, which offers online TV shows and movies. Hulu provides a channel for anime shows, which provides hundreds of anime episodes with different categories. When you watch Hulu Anime anime, you can add anime to the anime site watch list. It works beautifully on mobile devices and offers 720P HD quality video. When you subscribe to the Hulu service, you can also watch the full seasons of your favorite anime shows on a variety of devices. Especially now that the anime website offers a free commercial premium level.

Watch Anime is your free online anime site. The anime site offers thousands of anime episodes, which run from 1950 to 2017. You can watch classic and memorable anime shows from the high quality online anime site. And you can also access manga and social games with affiliate websites. Just like Animehaven, the anime website that uses alphabetical order for easy selection. It is also well managed with well indexed content that can be accessed. What’s the most important thing, you can access all anime shows at no cost.


Soul-Anime is an online anime site that provides more than 4,000 anime series and 60,000 anime episodes. Usually the anime website offers daily updates 1 hour after the release in Japan. When you want to enjoy the thousands of anime episodes, you can watch them in high quality formats with 720P or 1080P. For most of the videos there are also English subtitles, which you can easily find the SUBBED text when you launch the site. You are able to download the anime for free with the green Download button.

Anime Season

The anime season has worked very well to provide the anime series to its users. From the anime site, you can get the popular anime with votes from its supporters. This anime-streaming site starts for 4 parts to choose the anime: New Anime Episodes, Recent Anime Tips, Recently Rated Anime and Recently Added Anime. The simple and clear anime site helps you get the desired anime in seconds. If you need to track some favorite anime series, you just have to check the title of the anime site.

Anime seed

Except for Kissanime and Soul-Anime, it’s another anime site that you can download the anime from. But due to the copyright issue, you may not be able to play some anime. Since the anime website does not update frequently and almost died around 2015. The site still receives a lot of traffic for downloading anime from the site. In fact, many anime fans appreciate chat features, which can talk about anime, manga, games and other related topics. If you can access the anime shows seed, you can download them or from anime fans from the chat.

GoGo Anime

Gogo Anime claims to be the world’s largest free anime site. Usually the Anime we mention is the animation of Japan. Gogo Anime also includes some Korean anime and manga shows. Just check the current series, the latest episodes and the new anime added to find the updates of the anime site. And Gogo Anime has an Android app that helps you watch anime at ease. If you are a Naruto fan, you can always get the latest Naruto anime updates with the affiliate from the website.


When you check the style, you can get an idea of ​​the anime shows on Although the most popular anime series on the anime site is Dragon Ball Super, you can find most of the anime episodes related to the beautiful and cute anime series. When you need to watch them on the anime site, you can enjoy high quality anime series with English subtitles. Compared to the other anime sites listed above, you may not be able to get the most recent or complete anime lists.

How to Download Anime MP4 From Anime Sites

As mentioned above, only the Kiss, Soul-anime and Anime anime series provide download options. You can only watch anime with the above anime sites. What should you do to download the anime to your computer or smartphone? You can use the best anime downloader, Tipard Video Converter Ultimate. Just follow the steps to download MP4 anime with the following process.

Step 1: Install Tipard Video Converter Ultimate

Just download and install the latest MP4 anime downloader from the official website. And then launch the program as a screenshot.

Step 2: Download Anime MP4 from Anime Sites

You can copy the URL of the anime video from the anime sites and then paste the URL on the program to download the anime as an MP4 file. The program will download the file immediately.

Step 3: Export Anime MP4 to Smartphone or other devices

And then you can also export MP4 anime to the compatible format of a program list device. Tipard Video Converter Ultimate provides the optimal settings for anime videos.