How to Download Music From SoundCloud as MP3 Audio

SoundCloud is a paradise for any music lover thanks to its large collections. More and more artists are using it to upload, promote and share their music, making it a primary source of discovery for new music for listeners. There is only one problem, however, not all music tracks broadcast on SoundCloud are downloadable. So if you want to download songs from SoundCloud directly to your device like iOS or Android to enjoy offline, you need to find a right way that allows you to save SoundCloud songs in audio formats, such as MP3. The current post summarizes the best methods to download free SoundCloud music and playlists online easily.

Official Method for Downloading Songs from SoundCloud

SoundCloud has the features to download audio if allowed by the artist or the charger. That’s why many songs on SoundCloud have a direct download button available. In order for the download button to appear with the track, the listener must open a personal account and log in. Then search for your song in the search bar and simply click on the download button located under the waveform next to “Share” and “Other”. The songs will be immediately downloaded to your computer in the location you choose.

Download SoundCloud to MP3 with Online Video Downloader

Sometimes it may happen that the official SoundCloud download method described above does not work. In this case, we can use the online video downloader to download songs from SoundCloud. We can find many online video downloaders on Google. But here, I will recommend the best for you – Online VideoSolo Video Downloader. VideoSolo Online Downloader is the best platform where you can download SoundCloud music anytime without spending a single dollar. It is perfectly compatible with all browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and more. It supports different audio formats, making them easy to use on different platforms. This way you can download SoundCloud songs directly in MP3 format without problems. If you want Closed Captions, go with that. Below are the two steps that we briefly present here. Step 1. open its official website, copy the unique SoundCloud URL for the specific music / sound / song and paste it in the empty space. Step 2. Click the “Start” button, the track and title of your SoundCloud song will appear on the page. The default output format is MP3, just press the “Download” button to download SoundCloud music to your computer.

Capture SoundCloud Music Using The Google Chrome Extension

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, you can download SoundCloud audio with the “SoundCloud Downloader Free” extension. You just have to search for the extension from the Chrome Store, then open it and add it to Google Chrome by clicking on “Add to Chrome”. Open the music on SoundCloud and the download button will appear on the page. Now simply click on the “Download” button and the music will be automatically downloaded as MP3.


We mainly talk about how to download audio tracks from SoundCloud. Using the methods above, you can easily download any audio track from SoundCloud in MP3 format for listening anytime offline. All you need to think about which will be the most convenient way for your musical needs.